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Lyric Necklaces - *HAND-MADE

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Image of Lyric Necklaces - *HAND-MADE

Antique-style bronze cameo necklaces hand-made by our friend Archaic Leatherworks. Featuring our lyrics!

Options include:

- Auditory Armory
- "Oh she's a deadly weapon" (from 'Phantom')
- "Gave all myself to the earth to receive dust in return" (from 'The Light That Was Lost')
- "Show me your mercy now" (from 'The Last Day')
- "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" (from 'The Light That Was Lost')
- "The mundane life kills us weakens our edge" (from 'Looking In the Mirror...')
- "The river shocks and the river knows" (from 'Hi-Lo')